Providing IT Services Across Canada

Clear Concepts Inc. started as a small local IT Service Provider serving the computer and networking support needs of many Winnipeg and surrounding area businesses.

As the cost of IT support continues to increase, small businesses look for a more manageable and cost-effective IT solution. The Clear Concepts Managed Services solution has proven to have strategic value not only for our clients in and around Winnipeg, but across Canada as well.

Our remote management options allow us to service clients' IT support needs from our Winnipeg office, regardless of their physical office location. The end result is we provide professional, skilled IT staff to handle networking and support issues at a manageable and anticipated monthly rate.

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Remote Network Monitoring

Worried about server and computer updates? Let our remote network monitoring service oversee the status and condition of your company's network. Call us today 204-943-4777 or Toll Free 1-866-943-4777.

Remote Network Monitoring