Clear Concepts advisors and technicians work together with healthcare administrators and executives to provide a holistic approach to the specific needs of Health Centres.  Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of medical privacy rules and practice operations.  We are aware of the extremely private nature of patient data and take the utmost security precautions to make appropriate recommendations for compliance with all provincial and federal governing legislation.

We provide application support and work with EMR (Electronic Medical Records) vendors as an intermediary even after the software has been installed.  Our goal is to make sure that your software choice is successful and that your team is using it to maximum functionality.  Two of the more popular EMR applications we support are Mustimuhw and Accuro.

Whether you run a local clinic or remote Health Centre, we understand how critical your access is to patient care information.  We have the processes in place to make sure you have the right backup and support you need to deliver quality care to your patients.

Common security and privacy concerns among healthcare providers are: 

  • Access control
  • Audit trails
  • Authentication
  • Compliance
  • Confidentiality
  • Cyber-attacks and viruses
  • Data retention
  • Recommendations
  • Reliable and knowledgeable support

Clear Concepts addresses all of these

We have performed over 30 EMR installs.  Our clients rely on our proven abilities and trust us to ensure their infrastructure is functioning smoothly and maintained regularly.  Regular maintenance decreases the chance of critical network outages; frequent network monitoring helps reduce both short-term and long-term costs as well as protecting your investment. 

Clear Concepts Advantages

  • Established reputation as a trusted EMR solutions provider
  • Trusted team of professional advisors and certified technicians
  • Reliable and available support
  • Comprehensive service desk & staff augmentation plans that make sense
  • Disaster recovery planning – remote secure data backup
  • Network monitoring for proactive response to potential issues
  • Assigned technicians to answer your questions

For more information about how we can help manage your EMR implementation and support challenges, contact us today.

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