Secure Online Backups

Do You Have a Data Protection Plan for When Disaster Strikes?

If your IT infrastructure were suddenly down due to theft or a natural disaster, do you have a constantly verified data backup and recovery solution ? Clear Concepts offers complete data recovery and data protection programs for your peace of mind.

Protect Your Business - Protect Your DATA 

Whether a company is large or small, its data is priceless. Most businesses have every intention of backing up their computer and server data every night, yet on almost every network assessment we perform for a prospective client, we discover backup deficiencies.

We offer an on-line backup solution for the home or office, in partnership with Safe, secure backups are an essential component of a well managed server based enterprise. 

Here are some of the most common reasons why companies are faced with un-recoverable data loss: 

  • Backups are reported to be successful, but during the restore process tape media is discovered to be corrupt
  • Most companies do not have a policy in place to test and verify restore capabilities
  • Individuals responsible for rotating and replacing tapes forget to do it
  • Scheduled backups fail to complete without the operator's knowledge
  • Backup solutions that are currently in place can no longer support the data volumes required by the company
  • Backup window is too short

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