Remote Network Monitoring Service

Boost Performance, Tighten Security And Get More From Your Network

We can now observe your network, not just during business hours, but on the weekends and after-hours as well. Our monitoring software is installed on-site at your location to provide the remote services responsible for gathering data concerning the performance and condition of your network 24x7, 365 days a year.

This software runs in the background on a workstation or server within your environment. It is totally secure, non-intrusive, and efficient; using very little system resources and network bandwidth. The on-site manager collects critical systems information about your network and reports back to our service center.

Save Time and Money

The first thing the remote monitoring software does is to complete an auto-discovery of your network, providing detailed inventory of all devices and applications on the network. It also lets us know if there is any unauthorized software installed on your network and documents any security vulnerabilities and performance issues that demand immediate attention. Many of our competitors have traditionally performed these critical processes manually. We use new and innovative service software in real-time; saving you both time and money.

Automated security routines are scheduled to seek out system vulnerabilities on the network to report back to a centralized console for authorization and installation. Left unaddressed, these security deficiencies can be the source for costly repairs and lost productivity.

Immediate Action

Once the remote monitoring software has been installed, we will then configure everything back at our office. Once configured for maximum results, we can remotely start monitoring the performance and health of any device or application within your network. This helps us look for pre-failure indicators that act as early warning signs of potentially major problems. If we receive a critical alert, one of our technicians can take action to prevent any problems from becoming serious and immediately begin problem resolution. Information gathered from monitoring significantly reduces time spent troubleshooting issues, and more often then not presents proactive solutions in advance of a potential problem surfacing. This remote monitoring application reports to our clients with asset management reports and detailed service ticket resolutions assisting your company’s management team in planning future IT investments.

Resolve network issues before you even know they exist. “Information is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power.“

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